Over 20 Years on Home Hemodialysis!

“I was 23 years old when diagnosed with kidney disease. I have been doing hemodialysis since my transplant failed in 1991.”

“The training for nocturnal home hemodialysis taught me everything I needed to know to start and discontinue dialysis safely each night. I learned how to successfully troubleshoot alarms and handle other situations should they arise.”

“I have been doing nocturnal home hemodialysis while I sleep using the original central venous catheter inserted in February 1994 prior to starting the therapy and since then I have completed over 3,700 treatments. I have not had any catheter infections or clotting.”

“Setting up my Fresenius hemodialysis machine takes about 1 hour and less than ½ hour to clean up. I dialyze 8 hours each night, 7 nights a week and process about 130 litres of blood each treatment. Although not a simple task, the many benefits of nocturnal hemodialysis far outweigh any work involved to manage my therapy.”

“Because I get so much dialysis I am generally very healthy. My blood work and fluid levels are stable and I take very few medications now. I eat a normal diet and my energy levels have improved tremendously. I work full-time and am still able to do many chores around the house. I now enjoy many outdoor activities that I could not even think of prior to nocturnal hemodialysis.”

“My life on nocturnal home hemodialysis is so great that for now, I have chosen not to receive another kidney transplant!”