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Patients often wonder whether they will still be able to travel once dialysis has become part of their life. For many patients on dialysis, the answer is yes.  Most doctors and nurses encourage travel if your health is stable; it can be a big boost to your morale and sense of well-being.  Patients who work may need to attend business meetings or conferences.  Older patients may have dreamed of traveling once they had retired, or a family event may require patients to travel away from home. 

Travelling while on dialysis does require planning.  Please speak with your health care team at least 10 weeks before your desired departure date.  If you are a hemodialysis patient, your clinic and/or Fresenius Medical Care representative can help you make arrangements to dialyze in other facilities while traveling. Patients on peritoneal dialysis can take their supplies with them for short trips, and even the PD cycler is portable.  For longer trips, it may be possible to ship supplies to your destination.