Biocompatible PD Fluids

The challenge in PD is to improve technique and patient survival. With balance®, Fresenius Medical Care offers a highly biocompatible dialysis solution with ultra-low glucose degradation product (GDP) content and a neutral pH. Compared with conventional fluids, this powerful combination aims to improve survival by reducing complications in PD.

GDPs are considered to play a major role in the bioincompatibility of peritoneal dialysis fluids. Glucose degradation forms GDPs and takes place during sterilization and storage of PD fluids. In addition to their direct toxicity, GDPs promote the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGE). Both GDPs and AGEs have been shown to have negative local and systemic effects by affecting cell viability and function and by inducing inflammation, fibrosis and neoangiogenesis.

Twin Chamber Technology
balance® maintains an ultra-low GDP concentration thanks to its double-chamber bag design. The formation of GDPs is drastically reduced by separating the glucose from the buffer, which allows sterilization and storage of glucose at a low pH. Immediately before infusion the two chambers are mixed, resulting in a unique biocompatible solution with a neutral pH and ultra-low GDP content.
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