Fresenius Medical Care Canada is committed to supporting health care providers and dialysis patients with the very best in renal care. As the global market leader, we combine clinical expertise with research and development to provide innovative, cost-efficient dialysis equipment and products that improve dialysis therapy.

Fresenius Medical Care offers simple, safe and cost-effective dialysis therapy systems known for their unique therapeutic possibilities.  Select a model below to learn which innovative features each of our therapy systems has to offer. 

dialyzersDialyzers and Ultrafilters
We offer a range of dialyzers and dialysis fluid filters to meet the specific needs of patients and the requirements of HighVolumeHDF.

bloodlines tubing systems 2Bloodlines and Tubing Systems
The quality and reliability of our bloodlines help to ensure patient safety, and thoughtful features improve handling for the renal health care team.

Concentrates and SolutionsConcentrates and Solutions
We offer a range of high-quality concentrates and solutions, including online dry bicarbonate concentrate (bibag).

SafeTouch II smAV Fistula Needles
We offer a full range of AV fistula needles that offer the highest quality, safety and comfort for both health care professionals and patients.

Dialysis ChairsTreatment Chairs
Our new generation of high-quality powered treatment chairs has been designed to optimize patient comfort, staff safety and user convenience.

Water PurificationWater Purification
Our portable ultra-quiet reverse osmosis systems are designed to provide the high quality water required for safe dialysis treatment.

The BCM - Body Composition Monitor allows for the accurate assessment of patient fluid and nutritional status.