Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD)

Automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) is a home therapy that employs a cycler to assist in the delivery and drainage of dialysate. Fresenius Medical Care's APD cycler, the sleep·safe harmony, features:

  • a colour touchscreen
  • detailed screen animations
  • a simple APD set with no clamps
  • automatic solution bag connection
  • glucose profiling
  • automatic flow rate adjustment
  • a convenient Patient Card
The sleep·safe harmony also features FlexPoint, which is designed to reduce the risk of drain pain, minimize drain alarms, and optimize dialysis efficiency throughout the treatment. Adapted APD, an innovative therapy exclusive to Fresenius Medical Care, is also available and offers individualized APD prescriptions for each patient.

All of these features and benefits offer the potential for greater patient safety and improved patient outcomes, as well as significantly reduced patient training time and improved simplicity and convenience for the patient. Ultimately this can reduce overall program costs and ensure that more patients can go home and stay home on PD.